Collecting Ticket Dispositions: Post-Conversation Surveys

Collect information about the topic or disposition after a conversation through a post conversation survey.

As your team completes conversations in Avochato, you might want to collect information about the topic or disposition of that conversation. You can achieve that easily in Avochato by having your team fill out a survey whenever they close the ticket in Avochato.

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Avochato supports a custom list of dispositions or topics for your team to fill out. Each time the conversation is closed, this survey will appear for the agent in Avochato. When an agent moves the status to Closed, the conversation will automatically move into a Pending state while the agent completes the survey. Once the survey is completed, the conversation will close successfully.

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The responses to the survey will be saved as an Event in the conversation’s feed, and preserved for others to observe later. Additionally, the breakdown of your team’s dispositions is available in your analytics tab, and can be exported via CSV over the appropriate time frame for your reporting needs.

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Dispositions can also be synced to Salesforce Cases. This is especially effective if your Case has certain required fields that are validated upon closing.

If enabled, this syncing will happen automatically using the same Avochato automation that closes both the conversation in Avochato and the associated Salesforce Case.

To turn on dispositions for your team, please reach out to your support representative at Avochato.

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