Understanding Broadcasts

A quick overview of Avochato's broadcast features.

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Broadcasts Statuses

In the Broadcasts tab, you can review Broadcasts with various statuses:

  • Drafts: Broadcasts that you have created but have not yet been sent
  • Scheduled: Broadcasts that have been scheduled to send out at a later time
  • Queued: Broadcasts will send once the current in-progress broadcast is completed
  • In-Progress: Broadcasts that are currently being sent out
  • Completed: Broadcasts that have been sent out
  • Failed: Broadcasts that were could not be sent out

Broadcast Results

After a Broadcast has been successfully sent out, you can view a Broadcast’s results from the “Completed” tab. From there, you have two options:

  • Click on the Broadcast you would like to view and a half-pane window will appear. This will show you a summary of your Broadcast’s results. To expand the results, click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner.
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  • To view your Broadcast’s results directly from the “Completed” tab, click on the three vertical dots to the right of your Broadcast to view its results.
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Broadcast Analytics

The Broadcast results page shows analytics broken down into three sections: Delivery Stats, Engagement, and Audience Composition.

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Delivery Stats show start and finished timestamps, as well as the total number and percentage of successfully attempted, successfully delivered, and unsuccessful contacts.


Engagement shows who in your audience interacted with the broadcast.


Audience Composition shows the total number of contacts and those who replied “STOP” or opted out from receiving further messages.

Recreate This Broadcast

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From the Broadcast’s results page, there is a section on the right with three “Resend” actions giving you the option to resend to three different sets of audiences.

Note: All resend actions will allow you to edit the message and schedule prior to sending.

Resend to Replied: This will generate a duplicate broadcast draft for all contacts who responded

Resend to Unreplied: This will generate a duplicate broadcast draft for all contacts who did not respond

Resend to All: This will generate a duplicate Broadcast draft for all contacts of the original broadcast

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