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What is a Broadcast?

A broadcast lets you send a personalized message to your target audience and will appear as one-on-one direct messages on your audience's devices (as opposed to one large group thread). You can schedule a broadcast to be sent on a later date or sent right away.

What are the benefits of broadcasting?

Broadcasting allows you to save time by sending a personalized message — whether that be general notifications, alerts, promotions, or marketing campaigns — to your target audience, as opposed to messaging each of your contacts separately. You are able to specify your exact target audience and track who is engaging after your broadcast is sent.

Examples of a Broadcast


Customer Support Impress Your Customers with Lightning Fast Support

Nobody wants to be put on hold and wait on the phone when they need help. Be more efficient and provide best-in-class support via live chat and SMS.

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Sales Automate Reminders to Customers

No more abandoned their shopping carts. Share timely updates on upcoming sales, reordering items, or renewing subscriptions on the channel customers prefer.

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Operations Keep Mobile Teams Informed & Engaged

We know that not everyone works behind the desk or always has access to stable Wi-Fi. Use SMS to stay connected to distributed teams, where ever they are.

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Marketing Generate More Leads that Actually Convert

Customers want to hear from your brand via text. Use SMS to offer a great experience and turn your leads into loyal customers.

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Tips and Tricks

Tip #1

Personalize Your Message

Use a friendly emoji, include info stored from custom fields (such as first names or previous survey results), add attachments, and more: people love messages that resonate, and it helps build trust between them and your brand. Adding first name can lead to a 29% increase in response rate!

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Tip #2

Add a Survey

Need to collect information from your target audience? Send a survey as a broadcast message! Simply select “Insert Survey” and choose the survey you want to add. It will send the first survey question, and your audience can respond.

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Tip #3

Engage with Your Audience

After sending a broadcast, each message will contain a link leading to that broadcast’s related metrics. From there, you can recreate your broadcast to further engage with your audience. Customers appreciate the back and forth, especially if they have questions.

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