Review A Broadcast

Review your message, attachments, and more before confirming.

Review Broadcast

The final step is to confirm the details of your broadcast! In this step, you still have the option to edit the name and message of your broadcast.

Note: Once messages are sent out, they cannot be unsent.


Broadcast Name

Edit the name of this broadcast. Note: This name is internal; your audience will not see the name of the broadcast.


Edit the message or remove any attachments of this broadcast.

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Estimated Cost

There is now an ‘Estimated Cost’ table in the Step 3 Review page before a broadcast is sent out. This table is visible only to Admin users and roles with specific billing permissions. This view is what users with Admin and billing permissions will see.

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Updating User Permissions

To update user permissions, select Invite Users from the left-hand menu:

1. Scroll down and find the team member whose permissions you'd like to update.

2. Click on the "Actions" button next to their name.

3. From there, you will be able to "enable billing management" for that user.

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