Hello to Avochato for Salesforce

An introduction to Avochato Salesforce Sales/Service/Market Clouds, as well as steps to get started.

Welcome to the Salesforce integrations universe homepage with Avochato! Salesforce is the world's #1 platform for running your business, and Avochato can help bring true two-way dialogue to whomever is associated with your business. With our ☁️ 🥑 powers combined, business data and business dialogue become an integrated, seamless reality.

Ahhem, What is Avochato 🤔?

Great question! Avochato is a messaging platform that facilitates true two-way dialogue across your customers' and employees' preferred channels of communications. In layman's terms, Avochato is your messaging inbox (and beyond) - think Gmail for SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Live-chat, RCS and other prominent messaging channels.

Of Clouds ☁️ and Avocados 🥑

Sales Cloud 💰

Your Salesforce Sales Cloud is configured and helping keep track of every deal and every touchpoint. Sales initiatives are moving forward, but are emails, social posts & cold calls our only weapons?

Up your sales game with Avochato, where your Sales team can sell on a shared team messaging inbox, with response rates in the measure of minutes rather than days. See all relevant and unaddressed conversations from you My Inbox view, or All Messages with filtering options to see the convos of interest, without ever leaving Salesforce:

Notion image

Better yet, see the relevant conversations within a Salesforce record page itself, whether it be a Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Account, or even a custom object - anything will a phone field:

Notion image

Use surveys to auto-save responses and sync them over to custom fields in Salesforce, or use campaigns to keep a messaging drip active on prospects or current customers that you'd like to keep engaged.

The utility bar can give you quick access to your messaging inbox and continue conversations as they happen in realtime. Well doesn't that sounds swell! 😊

Notion image

Service Cloud 💖

So your Sales Cloud is coming together with productive Avochato conversations that add value and the ROI is obvious. Now you'd like to open a support phone line dedicated to customer success...

<enter stage right - Service Cloud>

Notion image

You can easily adjust your settings to automatically generate Salesforce Case records anytime a message comes in to that particular inbox. Continue the conversation in the Case itself, and once it's closed out, you'll get a transcript Task activity saved to the Case record for insights and reporting. All service should be this guacin' smooth!

Marketing Cloud 🎯

Speaking of dreaming...we also have Avochato for Marketing Cloud which allows you to send personalized messages via Marketing Cloud, and continue the conversation wherever your team lives - within the Avochato Shared Inbox, conversations embedded in the lead or contact record within Salesforce, or even Slack.

Notion image

Imagine...Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud all seamlessly handling and passing off conversations at the right time to the right rep, on the preferred messaging channel of your customer.

Where do I get started?

Avochato for Salesforce 💰 💖

You can get Avo4SF for native Salesforce Clouds right now on the AppExchange, and follow our simple setup guide to get your business messaging mission underway within 20 minutes time. Install on your Production Org to start a 14 day trial, or install on a Sandbox to test out the integration as long as your Avochato account is active.

Avochato for Marketing Cloud 🎯

Want to bring two way messaging goodness to your Marketing Cloud Journeys? See our Avo4MC quickstart guide to see how to get setup, as well as explore some of the messaging magic that can come to life within your Journeys.

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