Avochato Activity Data Syncing to Salesforce

Sync message activities to Salesforce in realtime or group them together into a conversation transcript

Within Avochato for Salesforce, there are two different Avochato message sync-to-Salesforce options.

  1. Sync every inbound and outbound communication as a separate Salesforce task in real-time
  1. Transcribe all communications within one Salesforce task

When transcribe all communications within one Salesforce task is enabled, inbound and outbound messages will be grouped together per conversation from the previous day (or when the conversation is closed). This saves on API callouts and will not overwhelm your Salesforce Activity Timeline.


The sync to Salesforce occurs when  1) the convo is moved to "Closed" or 2) at midnight from the previous day. This can be adjusted on a per inbox basis. For example, you can have convo summaries from certain inboxes, and keep the realtime one to one activity/task sync for other inboxes.


Disable this setting to save every inbound and outbound message as a separate Salesforce task.

Enablement Options

🔁 Sync per message (Real-time)

Notion image

When the Sync Calls and Texts as Tasks in Salesforce is enabled (like screenshotted above), every inbound and outbound message will create a Salesforce Task related to the relevant Salesforce record.  The contents of the message will be saved in the Task.Description field, and other Avochato related data will be saved in Avochato for Salesforce packaged custom fields within the Salesforce Task record.

The Salesforce Task.Subject will following the naming conventions of: <Direction> <Channel>

Below are some examples of the Subject of the synced activity:

  • Outbound SMS
  • Inbound SMS
  • Outbound MMS
  • Inbound MMS
  • Outbound Live Chat Message
  • Inbound Live Chat Message
  • Outbound WhatsApp Message
  • Inbound WhatsApp Message


  • Realtime message sync to Salesforce
  • Easy to use in Salesforce Reports
  • Precise ownership attribution (useful when different teammates converse on the same Avochato conversation)


  • Increased Salesforce API usage
  • Increased Salesforce data storage
  • Salesforce Activity Timeline gets cluttered with Avochato message activity, making other activities less visible

📜 Sync per conversation (Grouped)

Notion image
Notion image

Using the group messages setting will transcribe the Avochato conversation messages into a single Salesforce Task on a nightly basis, as well as when the conversation is closed.

To enable, turn the Sync Conversations into a Single Salesforce Task toggle on, and Save. Ensure the Sync Calls and Texts as Tasks in Salesforce setting is also enabled.

A transcript of the conversation will be saved in the Task.Description, and the Subject will use the following naming convention: Avochato Conversation on <Date>


  • Simple grouping of conversation messages
  • Lighter Salesforce API usage
  • Less Salesforce data storage used
  • Clean Salesforce activity timeline


  • Activities only sync on a daily basis or when the conversation is closed.
  • Current active conversations won’t save to the Salesforce record’s activity timeline in real-time
  • Conversation ownership tracking will be attributed to whomever sent the last message in the conversation, even if multiple teammates participated in the conversation
  • Less granular metrics reporting within Salesforce reports
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