Adding a New Account and Inbox

Managing accounts within your organization

Avochato provides the ability to create a single account or multiple accounts within your organization.

Each account has a single inbox. The inbox is tied to a phone number.

By default, Contacts, Users, and Settings are not shared between accounts in the same organization.

How many accounts can I create?

The number of accounts allowed for your organization is equivalent to your plan’s seat count. This means the number of active inboxes may not exceed the seats on your account.

Example: Your organization’s plan has 5 seats and you have 5 accounts. If you need to create a 6th account, you’ll have to purchase an additional seat OR remove all users from one account - thus rendering that account inactive.

Should I keep one “shared” account?

A single, shared account is a great option for collaboration. A single account can have multiple users across different teams within your organization. For example, a single account can be used by a customer support and sales team because contacts are shared across the organization and the office hours are the same.

Should I create more than one account?

This depends on your desired account settings, use case and your internal workflow. For example, your organization may choose to create another account to pilot a new use case that will have a brand new set of Avochato users and contacts.

It’s also common to have multiple accounts when your organization has various branches and each location has a different set of Settings, Users and Contacts.

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What if I have multiple accounts and I want to consolidate them?

If you’re interested in consolidating your account, Avochato can migrate the legacy phone numbers into the desired primary account so there is no disruption for your contacts. Please note, conversation history between contacts in the legacy inbox(s) will not transfer. This history will remain in the original inbox.

If you have any questions on this process, please reach out to our support team. We’d be happy to provide guidance on the migration.

Can I transfer information between accounts?

You can copy Templates, Keywords, Surveys, and Campaigns from one account to another. More information on Bulk Actions found here

How do I add a new account and inbox?

  1. Go to your Avochato account and you’ll see a “+” button at the left side where all your inboxes are located. Click this to start the process of adding a new inbox.
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  1. Input the desired name for the new inbox.
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  1. Lastly, select a phone number for the newly created inbox.
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After selecting a number, you will be taken right away to your newly created inbox. The new inbox will be added as a bubble at the left hand side of your Avochato account. You can navigate through inboxes by clicking these bubbles.

Carriers require all SMS business traffic to be A2P registered. After the inbox is created, complete the A2P Registration steps.

Already have an approved A2P Use Case? Avochato allows you to sync more than one inbox to a Use Case. If your Use Case has the same reason for texting and opt-in flow, go to Avochato Settings → A2P and proceed to Step 3: Inbox Syncing.

Can I use an existing business number for my new Inbox?

You can definitely use your existing non-Avochato number for your new inbox. Please select a temporary number during the inbox adding process and then contact our support team by texting 415-214-8977 so that we can help you connect your existing non-Avochato number to your new inbox.

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