What is AvoChat?

Modern and customizable live chat experience for your website.

AvoChat is a modern live chat experience that lives on your website. It can be fully customized to fit your company logo and branding. The Live Chat widget requires no work from the engineering team to get started. Please text AVOCHAT to 415-214-8977 to learn more!

Step 1: Getting Started

You can configure your live chat widget by going to Settings > Website Widget. If you have an existing Website Widget, click the “Enable Live Chat” button > Click “Update”. Navigate to the “Set Responses” Tab and update the Live Chat responses if need be. Now copy the Javascript snippet that is underneath the interactive example and paste it inside the <head> of your website’s HTML. AvoChat is now live!

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If you don’t have a website widget, learn more about designing and creating your widget here.

Important things that are required:

  1. Office hours must be set up
  1. Your auto-assignment roster must be complete. If you don’t set up your assignment roster, inbound conversations will go unassigned and may fall through the cracks.

Step 2: Adding Agents

If you have yet to add users into Avochato, navigate to the Invite Users tab. Once you have users in Avochato, you will want to add them to your roster. Go to Settings > Auto-Assignment to add your users to the roster. If your user profile is Owner or Manager, you will have the ability to mark these agents available or unavailable. Each individual agent also has the power to control their availability in real-time.

Understanding the Different Statuses

  • Available – You will be assigned incoming conversations
  • Unavailable – You will not be assigned incoming conversations
  • Away – You will not be assigned incoming conversations, intended for longer ‘breaks’
  • Be Right Back – You will not be assigned incoming conversations, intended for shorter ‘breaks’

Setting Chat Limits

Within the auto-assignment roster (Settings > Auto-Assignment), you will have the ability to set the chat limit for each individual agent. Once an agent reaches their limit, they will no longer be assigned new conversations. Pending tickets will go into a queue and will be assigned to an agent when they become available.

Note: your contacts will not be able to send an inbound message until they are assigned to an available agent.

Enabling Live Chat Seats

In order for your agents to be able to send live chat messages, they need to have the live chat seat enabled.

Having a seat enabled is different from being available. The below options show two agents who have live chat seats, but only one is available to be assigned new conversations.

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Live Chat Dashboard & Reporting

By clicking on your Org Name in the top left corner, you can access your Avochato Dashboard. The dashboard will give you a bird’s eye view of active tickets, agents’ availability, an inbox overview, and a live snapshot view. Read more about dashboard and reporting capabilities [here].

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Salesforce Integration

Yes. With Avochato’s native Salesforce integration, you can embed the Live Chat Widget on the lead or contact record. Each new live chat conversation will create a new case in Service Cloud. The complete conversation transcript will also sync to Salesforce once the ticket is closed. If you are within the Avochato platform, click the ↔ button next to a contact’s name and it will take you directly to the case within Service Cloud.

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Additional Features

When a contact submits their information on the AvoChat widget, they will receive a custom auto-response that you configure (learn more about Set Responses here). When they are assigned an agent, they will see that person’s name and if they are currently typing a response. The agent will also see when the contact is typing.

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Agents will receive an alert when a contact has left that webpage for 2 minutes. This may be a sign that they are no longer there and the conversation can be closed.

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Post Convo Surveys

Agents will have the ability to capture information about the live chat conversation via a Post Convo Survey. All questions and drop down responses are customized to fit your unique business needs. The data captured can later be used for reporting and data analytics. Additionally, if you have our Salesforce integration, results will automatically be logged to the Salesforce Object Field.

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