Draft A Broadcast Message

Personalize messages with attachments, surveys, and more.

Draft a Message

Type out a message and insert variables to further personalize your broadcast. Broadcasts are counted in segments. The “Estimated Cost” will tell you approximately how many segments your broadcast will be, based on the character count. Note: it does not take into account the character count of variables you might use.

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Insert Variables

Emojis: Add emojis to give your messages an extra “oomph” when plain text just isn’t enough.

Surveys: Ask customers questions over text, with each answer triggering the next question. Later on, you can export survey results or log them to spreadsheets for easier reporting.

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Embed Variables Use any saved information of an Avochato contact (ie. their birthday, favorite ice cream flavor, or whether or not they like pineapple on their pizza) when personalizing your messages and show customers you know them well.

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Insert Template: Save time and keep company messaging consistent by using pre-saved templates for messages that are often sent. Templates can be accessed in the “Templates” dropdown below your drafted message.

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Add Attachment: You have the option to include a photo or media attachment in your broadcast. Text and attachments will be sent and billed as two separate messages. Media attachments must be fewer than 500 kb (larger files will be compressed). If the file is too large, it might fail to send.


Preview Compliance Template

Users can preview a drafted broadcast with the Compliance Template setup in their inbox. This will allow users to preview the possible character and SMS segment count of the drafted broadcast.

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Send Now Have your Broadcast sent immediately upon confirmation - however, please note that your entire audience will not receive the message instantaneously as broadcasts will send one at a time (ie. some recipients will receive the message later than others).

Schedule Date and Time: Set your Broadcast to send at a later date and time - please note all times shown are in your computer’s time zone at the time of scheduling.

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