Syncing Pre-Chat Data to Salesforce Cases

Sync information collected via widget to a case automatically.

For teams that are using Avochato’s embedded widget on their website as well as Salesforce Cases, you might want to sync information collected via widget to the Case automatically. This can give you information directly in Salesforce about who is getting in touch with your team and for what reasons.

For more information about getting started with syncing to Cases broadly, our Case guide has more detail here. For purposes of this guide, we assume that you have already enabled Case syncing on your organization. This guide also assumes that you have already embedded and configured your Avochato widget. For more information about how to do that, please visit our documentation here.

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Step 1: Set Up Dropdown Options

Within your widget settings, go to “Advanced Options” and enable the dropdown. You can choose a display name appropriate for your customers to view, and a data value that will be synced over to Salesforce.

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Once this has been saved, customers will be required to select one of your dropdown options in order to submit the widget on your website.

Take note of the selected Data values, because those will need to match the appropriate Salesforce Case field in the subsequent step.

Step 2: Identify the Salesforce Case Field

Figure out which field in Salesforce you want to use to sync this information. This can be a Picklist or a Text field, but keep in mind if it is a Picklist that you should ensure that the Data in the prior step matches the values of the Picklist exactly. For purposes of this guide, we have selected a Field called “Customer Type” that has two values: “new_customer” and “current_customer”.

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Step 3: Turn on Syncing

Finally, go back into your Avochato account and open the “Integrations” tab. Click on the “Settings” option within your Salesforce Settings section. Where you have enabled Case syncing, you should be able to also select a field on the Case Record to sync dropdown options from the widget. Here you can pick “Customer_Type__c” or whichever field you identified in the prior step. Click “Save” and you should be good to go.

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