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Set up voicemail in Avochato.

Setup Voicemail

You have the ability to configure a custom voicemail for your Avochato number. Go to Settings > Recordings & Voicemail. A custom voicemail can be added by uploading a pre-recorded audio file. 

The file must be in .mp3 or .wav format. Use an online converter tool if your existing audio file is not .wav or .mp3.


Click on “Custom” > “Upload a custom voicemail” > find file to upload or use the default recording.

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Configure Incoming Calls to go straight to Voicemail

In some cases, you may prefer to send incoming calls directly to voicemail.


This configuration displays incoming calls as an Inbound missed call, but the call itself does not ring. Incoming calls would go straight to voicemail.

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Incoming Calls to Voicemail can be configured by following these steps:


Step 1: Go to Settings > Call Forwarding.

Step 2: On the In-Browser Calling section, turn the toggle to Off position and click Save.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Recordings & Voicemail.

Step 4: In the Greeting section, toggle on and upload a custom recording that will be your voicemail instructions. Your file must be in .mp3 or .wav format. Don’t forget to click the green save button.

Your Greeting settings should look like this -

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Step 5: In the Voicemail Instruction section, create and upload a very short (1/4 second) .wav or .mp3 file on the Custom option. If you’re having trouble creating this file, email Avochato Support and we can provide you a sample. Toggle Voicemail & Voicemail Instructions to ON - don’t forget to click the green save button.


Your settings should look like this -

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Worried about Robo-Calls?

We have you covered! Toggle the robo-call protection ON to prevent annoying robo-calls. This behavior will require the incoming caller to press 1 before the call is transmitted to your inbox.

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