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Managing Tickets and Contacts

How to Add Contacts?

A guide on uploading contacts and bulk import to Avochato.

Why are my Contacts not Uploading?

Common issues encountered when uploading contacts.

Contact Actions

Features such as block, remove, mute and opt-out for managing your contact list.

Error Codes

Error codes such as 30003, 30004, 30005, 30006, 30007, 30008 and 21408.

Filters & Sort

Sort and filter your inbox by a number of variables.


How to set-up, assign, search, clean-up, and customize tags.

Office Hours Based On Agent Availability

Set-up schedules depending on your business hours or agent availability.

Search Contacts

Search your contacts by tags, field values, broadcast audience and more.

Collecting Ticket Dispositions: Post-Conversation Surveys

Collect information about the topic or disposition after a conversation through a post conversation survey.

Unaddressed Conversations

Keep track of tickets that need your attention.

Inbox Management

Helpful information on managing your Avochato inbox and useful features about compact feed, lifetime conversations and auto-close conversations.

Export Contacts from Avochato

A guide on how to export contacts from Avochato.


Utilize logs tab for a full record of inbound and outbound messages from an inbox.

Messaging Service

What is a messaging service and how does it benefit high volume sending speed and deliverability.

Auto-Close Conversations

Keep your team focused on active conversations and keep your team organized.

Pre-Assigning Users to Contacts

Automatically assign a team member to a lead or contact.

Custom Fields

Create, upload and search custom field variables to give more information on your contact list.