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What is Avochato?

The leading HIPAA and SOC2 certified business text messaging software.

Avochato is a communication tool for sales, support, healthcare and operations teams.

We provide teams with a collaborative inbox and phone number or set of phone numbers to allow you to send text messages and communicate with your clients on their terms. By providing your team with a shared inbox, our platform promotes both internal and external communication.

We can help you transfer an existing phone number into Avochato or provide you with a local or toll-free number.

Avochato supports both 1-on-1 texting andย broadcasting, to cast a wider audience net. We also provide aย mobile appย for you to communicate with clients on the go.

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Companies use Avochato in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Sales - A company may link its Avochato number to an online ad.
  • Customer Support - A company may put its Avochato number on its web site and invite customers to text in if problems come up.
  • Operations - A company may use their Avochato number as a hub for sending and receiving text messages with employees in the field, such as inspectors, cleaners, plumbers, real estate agents, drivers, and more.
  • Healthcare - Avochato offers fully HIPAA compliant SMS messaging to protect your clientsโ€™ data.

Why use Avochato when I can already text from my phone?

Avochato not only serves to promote dialogue between you and your customers, it helps create better internal communication as well. Team-oriented organizational features such as templates, auto-assignment, shared notes, tags, and conversation history let your teammates collaborate effectively.

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