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AvoLinks (Avochato Link Manager)

Avochato's in-house link shortener like and tinyURL with added perks.

AvoLinks allows you to send shortened, trackable links to your customers and contacts.

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Please note, sending a shortened link is best for one-to-one conversations or paired with a shortcode. Broadcasting a shortened link from a local number (long code) will increase your likelihood of getting filtered by carriers.

Creating an AvoLink

You can individually create an AvoLink by going to your Link Manager Tab and clicking "New Shortlink". Add the link you want to shorten and click save. Upon creation, you can also add a tag for every contact who clicks on your shorten link.

Automatically Shorten Links

You can also decide to shorten all links that are sent from Avochato. Avochato will convert all outbound links as an AvoLink! Toggle "Automatically Shorten Links" on to enable.


Avochato will track how many contacts receive your link, click the link, or do not click it. The Clickthrough percentage will be automatically calculated as well. Click the number of contacts to quickly navigate to the Contacts tab for that specific group.

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When a contact clicks a link, you will see a "click event" in the conversation panel with a date and timestamp.

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