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Hiding the Avo4SF component for non-Avochato Users

Only show the Avo4SF component to specific users

Oftentimes your Salesforce org has many different kinds of users spread across different departments and roles, and some of them do not need to see the Avochato for Salesforce component within their lightning page.

Follow the step by step videos below in order to hide the component from those non-Avochato for Salesforce users.

1. Adding the Avochato User checkbox on the User object


2. Adjusting the Component visibility settings on a record page


Other considerations

Adjusting the component visibility settings on the Avo4SF component in the lightning page will only show the component to the users that fit the criteria. If you have other data to use to select those users without using the User → Avochato User checkbox (as described in Step 1 below), you’re more than welcome to do so.

A typical example could be: I only have Avochato for Salesforce licenses assigned to my Service Cloud users, whom all have the “Customer Support” Profile. You can use the component visibility settings to select that criteria, instead of using the Avochato User checkbox as shown below.

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