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Avochato for Salesforce

Avochato for Salesforce - Overview

See all the features Avochato for Salesforce offers, and how to integrate your messages directly into Salesforce.

Avochato for Salesforce - Quickstart Guide

Start using Avochato for Salesforce.

Avochato for Salesforce - Installation & Onboarding

Includes a quick start guide and information about setting-up Salesforce for Avochato.

Avochato for Marketing Cloud - Quickstart Guide

Install Avochato for Marketing Cloud and enable Avochato messages to be sent via Journey Builder.

Avochato for Salesforce - FAQs

Answer commonly asked questions regarding AppExchange installation, data sync, integrations and many more. Troubleshoot Salesforce problems, issues and errors.

Avochato for Salesforce – Field Syncing

Sync Avochato custom field data into Salesforce custom fields.

Contact Data Sync to Avochato via Process Builder

Sync data from Salesforce records into Avochato contacts for real time data update.

Importing Salesforce Contacts in Avochato

Easy import of Salesforce contacts to Avochato.

Syncing Pre-Chat Data to Salesforce Cases

Sync information collected via widget to a case automatically.

Text-to-Case: Avochato’s Service Cloud Integration

Integrate to Service Cloud using our text to case feature for seamless a work flow.

Avochato API Callouts via Apex Code

Easily send messages and use other Avochato API endpoints with just a few lines of Apex code.

List View Broadcasting

How to use Avochato Broadcasting for mass messaging on Salesforce List Views?

Creating Case Dispositions in Salesforce

Steps to create new dispositions, both type and subtype, in Salesforce that can be attributed to cases and to Avochato post chat surveys.

Avochato for Salesforce - Data Syncing & Custom Object Support

What happens next after hitting connect production/sandbox and how does sync works and available configuration options.

Avochato for Salesforce - Avochato Setup Tab

An overview of the Avochato setup tab within Avo4SF and how to use it.

Avochato API Credentials Data Table

An overview of syncing Avochato API Credentials to Salesforce, and using the Avochato API Credentials Datatable (AACD)

Salesforce Data Synchronization

Ensure connected app settings are correct for smooth data syncing between Avochato and Salesforce

Setup List View Broadcasting from Any Salesforce Object

How to setup mass messaging from any Salesforce Object list view

Hiding the Avo4SF component for non-Avochato Users

Only show the Avo4SF component to specific users

Avo4SF MCO - Messages Custom Object Package

Add-on package to Avo4SF that allows for created scheduled messages in Salesforce

Avochato Broadcasts from Salesforce Campaigns

A how-to on creating SFDC Campaigns to send mass messages via Avochato Broadasts